Luxury Outdoor Grills: Architectural Details for Your Outdoor Kitchen


"Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity, and above all quality." ~Angelo Bonati

Can your tenants say that you have paid attention to every detail in the outdoor kitchen space of your condo? Most tenants are looking for exclusive spaces to create culinary masterpieces and show off their creations with their friends and clients.


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If you pay attention to details and have originality in your outdoor kitchen space, this could lead to quicker property sales as well as higher ROI. So, what quality amenities should you feature for your clients? Luxury outdoor grills from ElectriChef are a show stopper in any outdoor kitchen and are sure to produce grill envy in those who are looking to dine alfresco.


The Best in High-End Outdoor Grills


If you are looking for a luxury outdoor grill that has modern details, then look no further than ElectriChef's line of outdoor kitchen grills. Our selection of chef-quality grills has modern features that attract even the most discriminating tastes.


For starters, each grill features precise temperature controls from 150-600 degrees, ensuring the perfect sear for your tenant's high-priced steaks. Ever get so focused on the sizzling, juicy steaks that just came off the grill that you forgot to cut it off? The built-in timer with an automatic shut-off feature has you covered.


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A Stainless Steel Luxury Grill


And how about durability? If you are investing in a luxury outdoor grill for your property, you want a high-end amenity that will last. ElectriChef's outdoor kitchen grills are designed with professional-grade standards and long-term durability in mind.


Made in the USA with professional-grade stainless steel construction, ElectriChef's grills are built strong enough to withstand all the outdoor elements you can throw at them. These luxury outdoor grills will go the distance for your tenants, ensuring that they will have the finest in functionality and style for their exclusive outdoor entertaining area.


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The Top-End Grill Brand That Delights


Exclusive outdoor kitchens featuring a luxury outdoor grill are something that many tenants are looking for when they are searching for their next home. With ElectriChef's outdoor kitchen grills spec'd, the design possibilities are endless. ElectriChef offers built-in or tabletop grills to suit the needs of your clients.


No other line of grills offers the same blend of quality and modern convenience, bringing indoor chef-quality kitchen amenities outdoors. If you have tenants who entertain often, there is no better way to set your property apart from the competition than by installing an ElectriChef grill in an outdoor kitchen. Who could resist an opportunity to show off a beautiful outdoor space and be the envy of their social circle?


Don't miss out on this important detail as you plan your outdoor kitchen space. Choose one of ElectriChef's luxury outdoor electric grills and give your tenants the best.


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