Get the Full Grilling Experience You Expect Out of an Electric BBQ Pit


It’s not always feasible to have a traditional barbecue pit as the centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen.


Whether that’s due to a local municipality enacting a no open flame ordinance or just being limited by the space you have to run the proper fuel lines and/or tanks, nothing is more convenient for an outdoor kitchen than an electric BBQ pit. And no other grill provides the performance you or your tenants are used to than an ElectriChef grill.


Get the Taste You Expect from an Outdoor Electric Barbecue Grill


When people think of an electric grill, they may not have the best impression in mind. That’s because cheap electric griddles have soured many on the thought of an outdoor electric barbecue.


But it shouldn’t be this way! Uncompromised grilling can be an outlet away from reality when you highlight your outdoor kitchen with a luxury outdoor electric grill.


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Far from being a plastic griddle, these grills are built with performance and durability in mind:


  • Made with American-made premium stainless steel
  • Fueled by 220v of electricity for searing temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes smart thermostat controls with automatic shutoff timers
  • Completely flameless to comply with no open flame ordinances


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Big Performance in a Compact Form: A Small Electric Grill for the Outdoors


All the previously mentioned performance isn’t limited to only our larger 48” or 32” models. You can get the same great, ElectriChef quality build and performance in our smaller 16” and 24” grills.


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And, if you’re really pressed for size, our built-in and tabletop grills need only a flat surface to install.


Find the Right Electric Barbecue Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen


With ElectriChef, an electric BBQ pit is not at all a compromise! You and your tenants get the same grilling experience you would expect from a traditional grill in a much more convenient form factor.


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Ready to find the right grill for your next outdoor kitchen? Check out our SpecSheet and request pricing. In it, you’ll discover all the information you need to spec an ElectriChef grill into your next design.

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