Design Tips for Your Outdoor Summer Kitchen


The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but who says it has to be indoors?

With great design and planning, dining alfresco can become the heart of your luxury condo or rooftop design. Besides increasing living space, outdoor kitchens are a great way to showcase gorgeous views of your property while giving you a high ROI on your investment. With the right choice of amenities for your summer kitchen, the outdoor kitchen grill can create a show-stopping culinary experience.


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So, how do you go about optimizing the space to ensure the most lavish and memorable experience?


Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Functional Zones


First, consider the space itself: How can you utilize each available square foot for the benefit of your tenants? What type of events and gatherings will the area host and how many people will you need to accommodate? What amenities should you include to ensure comfort and encourage social engagement?


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Let's look at the items you'll need for the kitchen's functional zones. These zones are made up of cold, hot, wet, and dry areas.


The Cold Zone


The cold area is where you refrigerate items for the outdoor kitchen grill. Select a small refrigerator that can hold beverages, appetizers for mingling guests, and meat and veggies for the outdoor electric grill. The larger the space, the more people can be entertained and served. So, try to match the cold capacity to the size of the party.


The Wet and Dry Zones


The wet and dry areas are classically near each other. The wet area centers around the sink where food and cutlery are washed while the dry area provides a space for storage and meal prep.


The ease of getting food prepped and ready is an important aspect of entertaining guests. The sooner chefs can have food prepped for grilling, the happier your tenants' guests will be.


The Hot Zone


The hot area includes an essential element to the outdoor kitchen – the grill. ElectriChef offers several models of outdoor kitchen grills that will easily fit into a luxury condo or rooftop outdoor kitchen plan. With built-in and stand-alone grill options, ElectriChef makes many choices to go with your gorgeous design.


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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances


When selecting the appliances for the outdoor kitchen, they should be durable and able to withstand the outdoor elements. They should be made of low-maintenance materials, be the correct size for your tenant's needs, and perform well. Most experts recommend stainless steel appliances as they meet all of these requirements, just like ElectriChef's high-end luxury grills.


Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Furniture and Fixtures


Next, let's consider creating an envy-inducing social space.


When selecting the fixtures, appliances, and countertops, consider trying to find a common connection between these elements – choose similar textures, colors, and finishes. This will help to create a uniting style that affluent guests will love and notice. If you want to help your tenants make an impression with their guests, focus on the details. Make sure to incorporate beautiful seating and landscaping that invites relaxation.


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Outdoor Cooking Station Grill


Finally, remember that the grill is the epicenter of every great outdoor summer kitchen. While entertaining, most guests will congregate where the outdoor electric grill is – especially if they get the opportunity to rub elbows with a professional chef and talk about the scrumptious dishes they are making.


Make sure to keep the grill front and center when planning the outdoor kitchen layout. ElectriChef outdoor kitchen grills' sleek and beautifully crafted design will induce grill envy in your tenant's social circles.


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Outdoor spaces accommodate guests and create memorable experiences in a way that can't be replicated indoors. It's important to find just the right mix of comfort, practicality, and luxurious accommodations that let your tenants entertain and impress their guests.


So, make an ElectriChef grill the heart of your development's outdoor kitchen.  With its upscale features and professional craftsmanship, it is sure to attract plenty of attention when you're tenants fire it up for their next gathering. 


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