Apartment Grills that Comply with No Open Flame Ordinances


Are you searching for durable, chef-quality apartment grills to install at a property with a "no open flame ordinance"? If you’re a designer, architect, or developer and you haven’t encountered this regulation, then you need to know that "no open flame" ordinances are being enacted in municipalities around the country.


No Open Flame Ordinances and Outdoor Grilling


"No open flame ordinances" have a significant impact on how you design outdoor spaces, especially if you are looking to install outdoor kitchens or grills in common areas on high rises, multi-family apartments, or condo buildings. It’s important to know what options are available and if they comply with "no open flame ordinances" – a growing trend that is here to stay.


Before you plan your next project, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to creating the right outdoor space while complying with "no open flame ordinances."


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The Reason for "No Open Flame Ordinances" in Outdoor spaces


As you well know, apartment grills are great amenities for any development because of the following reasons:



However, the seeming downside is that many municipalities are adopting “no open flame ordinances.” Essentially, these ordinances ban all types of open flames—such as fire pits and propane gas or charcoal grills—that if left unattended, could start a fire that could quickly spread to the entire building.


While these regulations may seem inconvenient at first, "no open flame ordinances" address a critical safety concern for multi-family developments and condominiums, especially when you consider that, on average, 9,600 home fires per year trace back to an outdoor grill.


While it's important for business owners to understand that these ordinances are in place to help protect life and people's investments, it's also essential to understand how you can comply to "no open flame ordinances" without sacrificing the benefits of having amenities to delight your residents.


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Comply with "No Open Flame Ordinances" With a Flameless BBQ Grill


So, what do you do if your city enacts a "no open flame ordinance" and you currently only have gas or charcoal grills installed at your building? Well, those grills will likely need to be removed!


The good news is, gas and charcoal grills can be replaced with flameless grills that do not pose a fire risk.


Moreover, if you are constructing new developments in an area with no open flame ordinances, you will need to either install no open flame compliant grills in your outdoor kitchen and common areas or forego this type of amenity altogether.


Outdoor kitchens and grilling areas are often sought and well-used amenities you can install in apartments and condos. There is a way to comply with "no open flame ordinances" without sacrificing the level of luxury and comfort your guests and residents expect.



Comply With Confidence: A Closer Look at Flameless, Outdoor Electric Grills

When most people think of an electric grill, the first product that likely comes to mind is a griddle-style “grill” that looks more like a Panini press than something you would use to sear a steak. However, there are professional-grade, premium quality electric grills explicitly designed to perform like a traditional flamed grill and still comply with no open flame ordinances.


These high-powered electric grills will provide your apartment, condo, or multi-family residence dwellers the full grilling experience they are accustomed to, but with no compromises on performance or flavor.




When you're choosing a grill to install in your next project, and you need to comply with a "no open flame ordinance," consider a high-quality, stainless steel, flameless electric grill. Most come as built-in or stand-alone versions and offer a wide range of grilling options, including up to 48” grilling surfaces (great for common areas) and all of the features you are accustomed to.


A flameless electric grill is truly is the best of both worlds – electric flameless grilling technology for compliance, and chef-quality grilling for the right experience, even on a high-rise apartment or condo balcony.



Discover the Right Flameless Grill For Your Outdoor Space


Comply with "no open flame ordinances" and delight your residents with an ElectriChef flameless apartment grill, the perfect fit for your next project.


With a variety of options, grill configurations, and sizes, ElectriChef flameless grills are the perfect fit for your next outdoor kitchen project. Contact ElectriChef to find out how you can enjoy the ROI of an outdoor grill, while still complying with local "no open flame ordinances."


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