Five Eco-Friendly Features to Look for in a Quality Grill

Promoting an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle is a great way to stand out from the crowd. More high-end clients are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly in their living spaces, including how their food is prepared.

Five Eco-Friendly Features to Look for in a Quality Grill

If someone is purchasing the best quality organic ingredients, shouldn't they use the best quality grill to cook them? And preferably, a quality grill that is eco-friendly? Below are five features to look for when including an eco-friendly quality grill in an outdoor kitchen space:


1) Stainless Steel
And American made

A quality stainless steel grill doesn't need special coatings for rust prevention and will keep the food pure and chemical free. When heated, stainless steel does not release extra toxins or chemicals into the air or your food the way cheaper painted metals may. And since stainless steel heats evenly, the grill surface will give you the perfect sear to impress your guests. All of ElectriChef's electric outdoor grills are American made with professional grade stainless steel.


2) Less Waste
Means a superior grill

When looking for a grill, while being environmentally conscious, extra waste should be considered. If using a gas grill, propane tanks can cause extraneous clutter and are a potential hazard. After cooking with charcoal, tenants must dispose of the ash and partially consumed charcoal in the garbage, a potential fire hazard.

A superior grilling alternative to gas or charcoal that does not produce extra waste is an outdoor electric grill. These modern grills do not need heavy steel tanks to be disposed of or messy charcoal to be removed. ElectriChef's line of grills simply plug into an electrical outlet for power and efficiently use the right amount of energy that is needed to cook your meal – no excess and no waste.

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3) Less Water and Chemicals Used for Clean Up
That is super simple too

With gas or charcoal grills, extensive cleaning is necessary to maintain the grill. Environmentally conscious individuals who are looking for a good grill alternative will love the ease of cleaning an electric outdoor grill. Electric outdoor grills offer a simple and more efficient way to clean without excessive water or chemical use. Just remove the grill grates from the electric grill and wash them with warm soapy water or put them in the dishwasher. It’s that simple, easy, and efficient!


4) No Extra Toxic Chemicals Emitted into the Environment
A friend to the environment and your digestive system

Would you prefer to introduce propane combustion byproducts into your food or would you rather cook guests a delicious meal using an eco-friendly grill? If you are using a charcoal grill, charcoal briquettes are made up of several materials including an accelerant such as nitrate. Briquettes can release volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air that contribute to smog and other health conditions. Electric grills are a practical and luxurious modern option for the environmentally conscious outdoor kitchen design and do not release VOC’s into the air.

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5) Intelligent
A smart grill

How can grills be intelligent and eco-friendly? ElectriChef's outdoor electric grills have a timer with an automatic shut off feature. Everyone loves this modern feature for grilling because one can entertain their guests while not having to fuss over the grill after a culinary feast.

Plus, the grill is only in use and turned on when necessary. With traditional style grills, there is extra time waiting for the grill to reach the perfect temperature or the hassle that comes with uneven heating. Both of which waste precious resources. But with an electric outdoor grill, simply plug in the grill, turn it on, set the temperature, and start your food prep.

Electric outdoor grills are an eco-friendly and more luxurious alternative to traditional gas or charcoal grills. Don't miss out on an opportunity to impress guests and attract new environmentally friendly clients by installing an electric outdoor grill.

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