Electric Grills and Environmentally Friendly BBQ

"Sustainability is about making the best possible choices for your health, the health of the community, the environment, and those producing your food…"

- Libby Mills, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Sustainable eating is an important part of the modern lifestyle that many people enjoy.


Sustainable eating practices are an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle and take care of the environment at the same time – it’s about choosing the food that is the healthiest for the body as well as stewarding resources.


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While it's great to eat eco-friendly foods, have you considered the tools you are using to prepare your food? Is there a way to promote sustainable and healthy eating by providing the right amenities for your clients? There is! Electric outdoor grills are a practical and luxurious option for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.



Is Charcoal Grilling Safe for Your Body and the Environment?


Let's take a look at charcoal briquettes for a charcoal grill. Charcoal briquettes are made up of coal, wood, a binding agent (starch from corn or wheat), and some accelerant such as nitrate. When used, these can release volatile organic compounds into the air that contribute to smog, as well as liver, nervous system, and kidney damage. Grilling with chemically enhanced charcoal makes sustainable eating a real challenge.


Luckily, outdoor electric grills provide clean, chemical-free cooking fueled by a sustainable energy source.


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Choose Electric Grills for an Eco-Friendly BBQ


Modern grills can help support a sustainable eating lifestyle they are made of 100% stainless steel as stainless steel remains non-toxic, even when it is heated, keeping the food that is selected, pure and toxin-free.


Plus, with an outdoor electric grill, the grill master can turn on the grill, set the temperature, and prep the meal while the cooktop heats to just the right temperature. No need to release unnecessary smoke and chemicals into the environment while you wait for that perfect grilling temperature.


Environmentally Friendly Grill Clean-Up


Another great feature of an electric grill is the clean-up. All one has to do is remove the grates and drip trays and clean them. Clean-up can be as simple as sticking these easily removable components into your dishwasher. You won’t need to hassle with the removal and disposal of ash, and carbon like that found in traditional outdoor grills.


People are increasingly looking for convenient and environmentally conscious ways to live out a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. So, make sure to include an outdoor electric grill in your condo's outdoor space, and all will enjoy a sustainable eating experience in an eco-friendly way.


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