Marine Grills: 3 Places Only Electric Grills Can Go


Busy professionals have precious few moments to carve out of their schedules for relaxing and entertaining guests. So, when an opportunity arises to fire up the grill to host a party, you need an electric marine grill or an outdoor grill that can perform where traditional grills cannot.


Discover the Benefits of Using a Marine Grill


Whether on land, sea, or on the roof of the most luxurious building in town,electric grills have many options to help you grill the perfect meal in places that a gas or charcoal grill can't accommodate. Don’t let "no open flame ordinances" dictate where you can or can’t entertain guests! Discover how you can grill fresh food for your friends using a marine grill or an outdoor grill.


Here are just a few places you can conveniently grill, no matter where you are, if you use a flameless electric grill or a marine grill. 


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Try a Stainless Steel Boat Grill

Whether on the high seas or an inland lake, the water provides an informal yet intimate setting for entertaining friends and impressing guests. Of course, being on the water tends to make people hungry, and nothing adds to the ambiance and luxury of a cruise like a marine grill. But, cooking on a boat with an open flame is a hazardous proposition at best, and at worst, it's prohibited.


ElectriChef marine grills solve this problem luxuriously by manufacturing electric grills specifically designed to meet the safety and durability requirements of the marine environment. No longer do you have to wait until you get back to shore to cook your guests a delicious meal – with a marine electric grill by ElectriChef, you can keep the party offshore as long as needed.



Enjoy Dock & Marina Grilling

Just in case you do need to return to the dock or marina during your party, an ElectriChef marine grill adds convenience here, too. Most docks and marinas have a strict policy disallowing boat owners from using open flame grills while moored or tied to the pier. So, unless you have an electric marine grill installed on your boat or yacht, you’ll have to put your party on hold until you shove off again.


ElectriChef noticed this problem and decided to solve it with our line of electric marine grills, which are all rated to operate safely in zones with a no open flame ordinance in effect. Plus, our grills' sleek, stylish and durable designs make it the perfect amenity for any owner of a pristine boat or luxurious yacht.


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Grill on the Balcony of your Beachfront Condo

Once your boating adventures are complete and you return to dry land, you might run into another inconvenience if you try to grill at your luxury residence or condo. Despite the fact that you have purchased a premium property with spectacular views, most high-rise buildings do not allow residents to operate open flame grills on balconies, rooftops, or terraces. When you can’t serve freshly grilled food, it tends to put a damper on an outdoor party.


Once again, ElectriChef solves a problem and adds vital convenience by offering a line of electric grills that are safe and legal to operate even when a no open flame ordinance is in effect – all without sacrificing the level of quality you and your guests are accustomed to.


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Sailboat? Yacht? Marina? Grill Anywhere!


For the professional on the go or the grill master who wants no limits when it comes to hosting a great party, look no further than ElectriChef's line of exclusive flameless grills. From yachts outfitted with a marine grill to rooftop patios with a built-in outdoor electric grill, ElectriChef has the grill that you need to entertain in luxury, style, and modern convenience.


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