Prime Rib On The Grill is A Prime Dish for the Holidays


When the man in the bright red suit comes to town he probably has worked up a very big appetite!


We have all, at some time in our lives, left carrots out for the reindeer and cookies for Santa. However, this year I think Santa may be in a mood for a slice of standing rib roast and a fine glass of red wine.


Wait a minute, who am I to mess with a century-old tradition? I think I will stick to grilling and planning Christmas dinner for the family. If you celebrate another holiday tradition, this recipe for prime rib on the grill works for all occasions.


 Prime Rib On The Grill is A Prime Dish for the Holidays


BBQ Prime Rib Means Stress-Free Cooking


When making plans for Christmas dinner, I always remember what I have said in previous holiday menu planning: keep the meal stress-free. As always, my stress-free recipes begin with an ElectriChef Rotisserie recipe – this time it's a rotisserie ribeye roast (AKA, prime rib roast or standing rib roast).


Each year at our Florida home, Steve and I have a large family and friends gathering on Christmas Day and want to have time to enjoy the festivities. He counts on me to put together a nutritious and delicious holiday spread everyone can enjoy!


Using the ElectriChef rotisserie on my grill helps bring extra flavor to an already flavorful holiday favorite. You have two options for a ribeye roast, bone-in and boneless. For Christmas Dinner, I choose boneless ribeye roast, because the cooking time is reduced, and serving the roast is much easier.




BBQ Prime Rib Basics

Traditionally at our Christmas dinner, we have about 30 guests over. So you can imagine finding a recipe that feeds everyone but does not take me away from all of our guests at the top of my holiday wish list!?


When preparing a prime rib on the grill, I can plan for about 5 ounces of prime rib per person, and not needing to spend the whole day away from my guests.


This works out to be about 10 pounds of ribeye roast. To assure everyone can enjoy their favorite temperature of prime rib, I purchase a 3 pound and a 7 pound Certified Angus* Ribeye Roast. Having two different sizes allows for all temperatures of beef.


In addition to having all the temperatures of beef, I also create 4 extremely flavorful end cuts which are my personal favorite. It is important to place a space between the roasts on the spit to achieve a perfectly seared end cut. I do this by putting a medium-sized potato between the roasts.


NOTE: The ElectriChef rotisserie has a weight maximum of 10 pounds to achieve a consistent rotation of the ribeye roast. I choose certified angus beef because the extra marbling adds to the overall flavor of the roast. The certified angus can be a bit more expensive, however, it's well worth the few extra dollars to satisfy the palate!


 Prime Rib On The Grill is A Prime Dish for the Holidays


How to Cook Prime Rib on the Grill


My recipe below is very simple, but the following details should be followed to ensure a perfect Holiday Prime Rib Roast:


  1. Have the butcher remove some (but not all) of the fat layer on the top of the ribeye roast.

  2. Using butcher's twine (found at most grocery stores), truss the roast with about an inch and a half spacing to hold beef together once on the rotisserie spit.

  3. Remove ribeye roast from the refrigerator for at least an hour prior to putting on the rotisserie to ensure it will be at room temperature. This will allow the beef to relax and reduce the grilling time.

  4. Remember to rub the entire ribeye roast with fresh lemon juice before adding rub or spices – adding after will wash away the spices.

  5. Center the ribeye roast on the spit and separate with a medium raw potato to have 4 flavorful end cuts.

  6. Once the ribeye roast reaches the desired temperature, turn off your ElectriChef Grill and allow the roast to rest on the rotisserie for about 15 minutes. Continue to turn the roast as this will allow the natural juices to distribute inside it.

  7. Remember to use a cutting board with a lip because the natural juices of the ribeye roast should be reserved to drizzle over the sliced ribeye.


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Because the rotisserie ribeye roast leaves the oven open for other menu items, I suggest: a combination of baked sweet and multi-colored potatoes, roasted portobello mushrooms, baked macaroni & cheese, and other assorted roasted vegetables!


I encourage my family and friends to bring any of their family-favorite holiday sides or desserts. Afterward, you'll find me relaxing and enjoying the glass of red wine I thought Santa might like on Christmas Eve!


Prime Rib On The Grill is A Prime Dish for the Holidays


BBQ Prime Rib Recipe

Makes: 30, 5-ounce servings
Number of Ingredients: 12


Recipe by: Chef Paulette Bilsky



  • 1 three (3) pound Certified Angus Ribeye Roast
  • 1 seven (7) pound Certified Angus Ribeye Roast
  • Juice of 3 fresh lemons
  • 1 medium potato, raw
  • Black pepper to taste


Italian Dry Rub Ingredients

  • 3 tablespoons Italian Seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon dried rosemary
  • ½ tablespoon dried sage
  • ½ tablespoon sweet paprika
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoons Kosher Salt



  • Place all 7 Dry Rub ingredients into a resealable mason jar and mix thoroughly.

NOTE: Any remaining rub can be stored in a cool dry place for up to 4 months.


  • Rinse and pat dry the rib roast. Set it aside until it is room temperature.
  • Rub the entire roast with lemon juice and sprinkle about half the dry rub mixture on all sides of the roast, and season with pepper.
  • Remove the grill grates from the grill; turn on your ElectriChef grill to 500°F. Set up the rotisserie motor and plug it into the receptacle.


Cooking Prime Rib on the Grill


  1. Place one spit fork on the rotisserie shaft.

  2. Push the rotisserie shaft through the center of the first roast, insert spit through the center of a medium potato, and push the rotisserie shaft through the center of the second roast.

  3. Slide the spit fork already on the spit into the pork roast and tighten the screw. Again checking to see that the roast is centered, slide the second spit fork tines into the other end of the roast and tighten the screws to firmly secure the roast.

  4. Set the rotisserie shaft in place in the rotisserie motor.

  5. Loosen the small circular piece closest to the handle and secure it inside the grill to hold the spit firmly in the motor slot. The roast should freely rotate when the motor turns the spit. If the flavor tray touches the roast, you will have to reposition the roast so it has clearance from the flavor tray.

  6. Turn the motor on and ensure that the roast has no obstructions and is secure on the spit.


  • Close the grill cover and allow the roast to grill for 10 minutes at 500°F. This will create a nice sear and crust to the outer layer of the roast.

  • After 10 minutes, turn the temperature down to 350°F and continue to grill for another 25-30 minutes (depending on the thickness of the roast), checking internal temperature after 20 minutes.

  • Open the grill and check the temperature using a thermometer in the area closest to the middle on the smaller roast. The temperature should read about 140°F. The center of the larger roast should read 125°F.

PRO TIP: Remember your cooking temperatures: Rare: 125°F - 130°F; Medium-Rare: 130°F - 135°F; Medium: 140°F - 145°F; Well-Done: 160° and higher


  • Once the ribeye roast reaches the desired temperature, turn off your ElectriChef grill and allow the roast to rest on the rotisserie for about 15 minutes. Continue to turn roast; this will allow the natural juices to distribute inside the roast.

NOTE: This is a good time to reheat or finish cooking your side dishes so all your dishes are ready at the same time!


  • Place the ribeye roast on a large cutting board, remove the spit fork and carefully slide the roast off the spit. Let the roast rest for 5 minutes while you finish the rest of the sides.

  • Garnish a large platter with fresh basil and rosemary, slice your roast and place on a platter for presentation. Drizzle the natural juices left on the cutting board over the sliced ribeye and serve with fresh horseradish.

You are now ready to cook a fabulous prime rib on the grill for your guest this Christmas season!


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