Tabletop Electric Grills: Big Flavor in a Compact Form


When it comes to outdoor kitchen designs, the use of flexible space can quickly become a priority depending on your design needs. Perhaps this is why tabletop grills have become so popular.


Tabletop grills are convenient. All they require is a flat surface and an available outlet and you’re ready to grill. When that same counter space is needed again, you simply unplug and stow the grill away until the next time you need to cook again.


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ElectriChef: A Full Barbecue Experience from a Tabletop Grill


But, for many, the convenience of a tabletop electric grill has meant having to compromise on a full grilling experience. This is an unfortunate expectation because it’s not necessary. At ElectriChef, we make it our mission to help people everywhere grill without compromise. That means we believe you should be able to have all of the conveniences of an electric tabletop grill, without sacrificing any of the performance or taste of a traditional barbecue.


How do we do it? The secret is quality and ingenuity.


For starters, all ElectriChef grills are made with ultra-durable, American-made, heavy-gauge stainless steel. This means that these tabletop grills are durable and can withstand the grit and grind of intensive usage in the most caustic of environments.


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Additionally, ElectriChef grills are made with heating elements running on 220v of electricity that can sear food with temperatures as hot as 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the person behind the grill is experiencing the same grilling dynamic they would on a traditional grill – all while on a tabletop form factor!


No Compromises: ElectriChef is the Best Tabletop Electric Grill


When it comes to combining convenience with performance, nothing beats the power and performance of an ElectriChef tabletop grill. Whether you need just 16” of grilling space or a full 48” to grill for an entire party, ElectriChef provides the form factor you need.


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