4 Steps to Adding Electric Outdoor Grills to Your Development


If you're planning a luxury development, you understand the importance of details. Details are what sets luxury living apart from the rest.


One of the best ways to add those vital luxurious details to your next development is to install a premium electric outdoor grill. These grills are designed to comply with no open flame ordinances, are simple to install, and offer a high ROI.


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Here are 4 steps to help you bring outdoor grills to your next development:


1) Know the Municipal Codes


Before you add an electric grill to the outdoor kitchen space, check city ordinances for rules and regulations related to your development. No open flame ordinances and how electrical wire is encased for outdoor use can directly impact the design of the outdoor kitchen area.


To avoid costly mistakes, have your staff visit the city's website or go directly to City Hall and speak to a clerk who can direct you to the guidelines for your development. Some flameless grills have several safety features which could help you meet city codes including flameless electric heat and automated shutdown features.


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2) Become Familiar with No Open Flame Ordinances


It's important to understand the local open flame ordinances before you plan your outdoor living space.


No open flame ordinances state that charcoal and open-flame cooking devices should not be used on balconies or within 10 feet of construction. While this limits the use of charcoal and gas grilling, electric grills (like an electric BBQ pit, electric patio grill, etc.) provide a solution to no open flame ordinances.


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There are many models of flameless outdoor electric grills that meet the NFPA's "no open flame" fire code. These grills don't use charcoal or gas but instead, use high-power heating elements that provide superior grilling flavor without the overtones of charcoal lighter fluid or propane.


3) Bring Electricity to the Outdoors


If you want to enjoy the outdoor space you've created, you need to make sure electricity is wired to the area safely and within code.


Like indoor spaces, outdoor spaces must use the correct receptacles, fixtures, and switches – all of which must be waterproof to cope with the elements. Many developers see significant savings running electrical rather than piping in natural gas, even where natural gas is available and allowed.


Many outdoor receptacles use ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) which shut off when the current is imbalanced to help avoid electric shock. More than likely, your municipal code will mandate this type of plug.


The great news is that ElectriChef's plugin grills work perfectly with your electric-ready outdoor area.


4) Determine the Grill Size


The right grill size comes down to its use.


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Luxury consumers who invite a professional chef to cook a scrumptious meal for the social elite will need quite a bit of space. According to kitchens.com, the web's comprehensive guide for kitchen design, "A more adventurous griller or one with many mouths to feed will want a grill with at least 400 square inches."


ElectriChef offers a variety of electric outdoor grills in various sizes to help meet the needs of your residence. The Ruby 32" Closed-Based Grill offers 448 square inches of grilling area.


There is also a large built-in option – the ElectriChef Diamond 48" – that offers 1056 square inches of premium grilling space!


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ElectriChef outdoor electric grills are on balconies, rooftops, patios, and outdoor kitchens of discriminating tastes all over the US. With its safety features, compliance with no open flame ordinances, and ease of use, it's the perfect choice for your development.


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