Don’t Be Invisible: Add a Drop-In Grill


How does adding a drop-in grill keep you from becoming invisible?


Author and marketing entrepreneur Seth Godin has a perspective that every developer ought to embrace – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”


Drop-In Outdoor Grills and Your Development


What will prospective buyers notice when they consider your development? Will they simply see a different flavor of the same amenities they can get across the street? Or, will a drop-in grill incorporated in a well-designed outdoor kitchen or living area create a luxury amenity they must have?


If you’re in the business of developing exclusive properties, why not stack the deck in your favor and incorporate something new, exciting, and maybe even unexpected for your clientele?


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Boost ROI with a Built-In BBQ


One way to stand out from your competition is to make use of lower-value spaces in the most innovative and exclusive ways. ElectriChef helps you accomplish this by offering a chef-quality, professional-grade, drop-in electric grill that is perfect for your next outdoor kitchen.


These luxuriously dependable grills, with from 24” to 48” wide cooking areas are utilized by developers seeking to gain the highest ROI for each square foot. In a highly competitive market, a balcony space outfitted with an outdoor kitchen creates a memorable amenity with substantial staying power in the minds of potential buyers.


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Outdoor Commercial Kitchens and Balcony Grills


As a developer, you know the importance of luxury inside the apartment. But, how do you add exclusivity to your outdoor space? One of the best amenities to feature on a balcony is an ElectriChef outdoor electric grill.


These drop-in grills are perfectly suited for balcony spaces in high-rise developments because they are designed to comply with no open flame laws and ordinances. ElectriChef grills are made with industrial-grade stainless steel to withstand the elements and provide chef-quality performance in a sleek, modern design.


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ElectriChef eliminates the biggest obstacle, no open flame ordinances, to creating desirable outdoor spaces and kitchens in a high-density urban environment.


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With low installation and operating costs, electric outdoor grills provide a convenient way for you, the developer, to create demand in a crowded marketplace.


As a bonus, your outdoor kitchen space may have a return on investment in the 100%-200% range, according to CNN Money, Remodeling Magazine, and


Luxury Outdoor Grills Drive Value

You’ve already done the legwork to make sure your property stands out from the competition. Don’t ask your prospective buyers to sacrifice luxury and exclusivity in order to purchase one of your properties. Instead, include an ElectriChef outdoor electric grill to increase your buyer’s interest, sell your units quickly, and render your competition invisible.


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