A Built-In Outdoor Grill Design that Outshines All


If you want to sell more residences, developments, and condos in the luxury market, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. That means you need amenities that offer distinct, premium value, which leave an impression in the minds of potential buyers.

Outdoor Kitchens Boost Property Value


Increasingly, marble bathrooms and smart home technology don’t quite do the job when you’re competing in the high-end market. So, instead of focusing all your attention indoors, chart a new path for your space and take the indoors outside with a built-in outdoor kitchen on the balcony or terrace.


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Offering your residents a way to grill and entertain on their terms, from their space is a value that is hard to beat. Before you dismiss the idea based on safety concerns, you should know that luxury buildings around the country are installing premium, chef-quality outdoor kitchens with high-end, flameless, built-in outdoor grills.


Let’s face it – you need amenities that create buzz around your property and offer unique value to residents. Here are a few reasons why a professional quality electric grill on every balcony will do the trick for you.


Electric Grills are Perfect for Outdoor Barbecues


Adding appliances to an outdoor space can be a guessing game. Some withstand Mother Nature like a champ, while others turn into maintenance nightmares. The last thing you want to do is spend valuable time and expense fixing and replacing units that break. So, no matter what model of electric grill you choose, make sure it is of the highest quality and has a design that will even compliment future remodels.


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ElectriChef stand-alone and built-in outdoor grills are ready to stand the test of time and deliver grilling power your luxury guests are accustomed to. Made of stainless steel and sporting powerful heating elements, these are not your average electric grills. The value in an ElectriChef grill is its durability, user-friendly controls, limited maintenance, and nearly 20-year track record of providing chef-quality results.


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Every model has precision temperature controls, making it easy to grill anything to perfection every time. Whether you have an outdoor kitchen design that includes rock, stone, concrete, gradient, slate, or other accents, the sleek stainless-steel design is sure to complement your design plans now and in the future. Plus, with multiple grill sizes and models available, ElectriChef grills will fit any outside space.


Built-In BBQ Grills Boost ROI


The whole point of adding amenities to a building is to add value to your resident’s everyday lives. Many amenities such as pools, spas, and gyms sound great on paper but can turn into a burden to maintain or go unused by busy residence, requiring time and money to manage without much return to justify the cost.


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However, adding a built-in outdoor grill is an investment that will pay for itself. How? Electric outdoor grills give your residents freedom. Freedom to cook outdoors and entertain from their balcony or terrace – something that often isn’t an option in high-rise living, especially if an open flame ordinance is in effect. But with an electric grill, they can enjoy the freedom to grill on a daily basis – on their own terms. Plus, you don’t need the expertise to manage an ElectriChef grill and cleanup is as simple as dropping the grill grates in the dishwasher. Since the grill is powered via electricity, there are no costly gas bills to rack up or concerns on how to dispose of ashes or gas canisters.


When adding a built-in outdoor grill to your space adds value, aesthetics, and a significant ROI, the only question remaining is, “How do I install?” Here’s where the helpful staff at ElectriChef can offer their expertise. ElectriChef has helped luxury developments install outdoor grills for nearly 20 years and can help you match the right grill to the right space. Contact ElectriChef to find out how we can help you complete the perfect outdoor kitchen in your development.

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