5 Essential Grilling Tips that Transform Your Food


Grilling Tips

These five tips and tricks that we have pulled together for you are simple to do but make a world of a difference when grilling.

5 Essential Grilling Tips that Transform Your Food

1. Grilling Tips for Juicy, Tender Grilled Pork Chops and Spare Ribs 


Here’s the secret for preparing grilled pork chops and spare ribs as tender as your favorite steak.



-Fill a large ceramic or glass bowl with 10 cups of cold water. Add ¾ cup of table salt, ½ cup of soy sauce and ¼ cup of sugar.

-Mix it well.


-Submerge the pork in it, cover and refrigerate for an hour.

-Give it a quick rinse with cold water, pat dry, and put it on the grill.


2. Go Easy On The Barbecue Sauce


Too much barbecue sauce can overwhelm the taste buds and smother the flavor of the food. We recommend brushing a thin layer on after you’ve turned your chicken or meat for the last time (that way the sugars won’t char and give your food that slightly burned taste). Brush on a little more after you’ve removed it from the grill and are letting it rest.


3. Control Smokiness


This may sound like an obvious grilling tip, but you can control the smokiness of your favorite grilled foods by using the grill cover. The longer you have it down during cooking, the smokier the flavor will be. Also, lowering it in the beginning as the heat melts the fat and oils of the food will result in smokier flavor. For milder smokiness, just leave the cover down during the last five or 10 minutes.


4. Don’t Over Marinate Fish

The delicate flavor of fish requires a delicate touch when marinating. Steaks or filets of swordfish, halibut, bluefish and other firm-flesh fish should be marinated no longer than 30 minutes.


5. Adding Aromatics

Rosemary, orange peel, basil stems, cinnamon – flavor your ElectriChef grilled foods with these aromatics by placing them in an aluminum foil ‘dish’ and setting it directly on the electric grill surface.


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