Make the Most Out of Your Apartment with a Small Grill for the Balcony


Depending on where you live, having an outdoor kitchen may be just as important as having an indoor one. But for those living in an apartment or condo, a full grilling experience may just get spaced out if your patio isn’t big enough.


In this blog, we’ll introduce you to a grill that fits in small spaces while still having the power to provide a full-on barbecue experience.


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What’s the Best Grill for a Small Balcony?


Most apartments and condos have what is called a “no flame ordinance” in effect. As per fire safety guidelines, you cannot grill on an open flame in most elevated spaces.


Because of this, you’ll either need to grill on a gimmicky grill like an electric griddle or campfire burner to get around these regulations. But are these really your only options?


They indeed were in the past, but not anymore!


With a quality flameless electric grill, you can enjoy a full barbecue experience, even in a small space.


The secret? Luxury electric grills require no fuel source (other than an electrical outlet) or open flame, meaning they comply with apartment and condominium regulations. Since they’re electric, they don’t require space for fuel. This means that they can be incredibly compact. And, since they’re actual grills, they give you that full-on barbecue flavor and experience.


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The Best Small Electric Grill for the Balcony


When it comes to getting a full-service grill in a tight space that complies with no flame regulations, nothing beats an ElectriChef built-in or tabletop grill.


Because these grills don’t need space for hot coals, a propane tank, or gas lines, they are super slim, only requiring a countertop to sit on. They’re also incredibly durable, made from premium American-made stainless steel, meaning they will last. What’s more? They’re backed by ElectriChef’s great warranty and exceptional customer support that’s always just a phone call or email away.

What’s the best small grill model for your balcony? Our SpecSheet has all the information you’ll need as you look to design that perfect small balcony kitchen.


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