How Outdoor Kitchen Grill Strategy Heats Up Condo Sales


Wishing you had all of the answers to creating properties that capture the minds of potential buyers? Having a good strategy helps! 


One successful strategy is blending indoor livability with landscaped outdoor entertainment space, including an outdoor kitchen equipped with a gourmet outdoor kitchen grill. Experts find that showcasing a single, unique and memorable luxury amenity can create a focal point that sticks in the buyer’s mind and brings them back for a second look. 


In this article, we'll discuss easy it is to heat up condo sales sales when you invest in the right outdoor kitchen grill. 


Spice Up Your Outdoor Space With an Outdoor Kitchen Grill


Here's the thing: with buyers looking at multiple properties in one day, excitement and memory tend to get blurred. It's important for your development to create a lasting impression that the buyer can recall effectively. One of the most profitable ways to do this is through maximizing the impact of the property’s outdoor space.


Outdoor spaces consistently rank as one of the buyer’s most desired amenities in a rental property. Blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor living space makes your properties feel more spacious, while extending premium value to what typically is a lower price per square footage area. (Creative use of outdoor spaces can lead to higher average property prices per square foot according to


A huge focal point of an outdoor kitchen space is none other than an outdoor kitchen grill!



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Make a Lasting Impression Using an Outdoor Kitchen Grill - Exclusivity is the key


The novelty of a gourmet outdoor kitchen grill as the focal point of a fully-functional outdoor kitchen will make a lasting impression, especially in luxury developments where gas or charcoal grills with open flames are banned.


Your buyers may envision charity events, hosted by professional chefs delighted with the results of cooking on the right outdoor electric kitchen grill. Or, buyers may dream about the intimate seating areas and landscaping they will strategically position for a quiet evening with special guests or family. The opportunities to impress friends and influence relationships are endless when you set up the right outdoor kitchen space.


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Investing in the Right Outdoor Kitchen Grill to Maximize Your Property's ROI


The ElectriChef Outdoor Grill can help you stay ahead of other property developers and maximize the outdoor space ROI of your condo or apartment. Because the ElectriChef outdoor kitchen grill is designed to comply with “no open flame laws and ordinances,” it can be used in the outdoor space of most luxury condos and apartments, even where gas or charcoal grills are forbidden. With its luxuriously dependable design, it's sure to be the memorable star of any outdoor living space.


An ElectriChef outdoor kitchen grill will also add that luxurious amenity in an outdoor space that potential buyers are looking for and be that memory focal point after a busy day of viewing. The ability to create lasting memories with family and build connections with friends will be too much to resist.


Stand out from the crowd and spec these luxury outdoor kitchen grills into your next development project.



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