Grilling Safety: Why Electric is Preferable to Charcoal and Gas Grills


If you’re a condominium or apartment dweller, you may be frustrated that your complex does not allow grills on your balcony due to "no open flame ordinances." The good news is, you can easily comply with this safety regulation, all the while still enjoying a great grilled meal on your small balcony.

In this blog, we'll review the basics of a "no open flame ordnance," as well as introduce you to a flameless grill that's sure to give you the apartment-safe grilling experience you expect. 


Propane Gas, Charcoal, and Grilling Safety

Many municipalities have passed "no open flame ordinances" or laws that prohibit charcoal or gas grills from apartment or condo balconies. Although it may seem frustrating at face value, this ordnance was established to keep you, your neighbors, and your belongings safe.


Despite charcoal grill safety and gas grill safety techniques, did you know that each year more than 9,600 home fires can be traced back to an outdoor grill?


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BBQ Grill Safety: Try Electric


But balcony grilling can still be safe, delicious, and fun if you use a flameless, electric grill, designed for your unique needs!


For example, it may surprise you to learn that outdoor electric grills can meet NFPA “no open flame” fire codes. Not only do dielectric grills not use charcoal or gas, but they're also designed with high-temperature electric heating elements that provide you with a superior grilling flavor, without the overtones of lighter fluid or gas combustion byproducts.


Without the dangers of lighter fluid or potentially leaky gas fittings, a growing number of successful professionals are enjoying the luxury of safe gourmet grilling from the convenience of their own apartment balconies.


Imagine how excited your friends will be when you invite them to a gourmet meal prepared on your new electric grill




Grilling Safety Tip: Go Electric

While being flameless is one of the key safety components of electric outdoor grills, certain balcony grills boast other important safety features you should consider when purchasing an apartment-safe grill that complies with "no open flame ordinances."


First, let’s take a quick look at the common causes of grill fires on residential properties, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


Here are the top three:

  • 37% of grill fires on residential properties are caused by liquids, piping, and filters, including flammable liquid/gas and accelerants
  • 22% of grill fires are caused by organic materials
  • 19% of grill fires are caused by structural components or finishes


Consider how gas and charcoal grills can play a role in causes of grill fires. A premium electric grill design ensures that leaky gas fittings, faulty ignition-related gas explosions, or starter fluid mishaps won’t be problems for owners of the best apartment grill on the market.


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Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips: Why Electric is Safe


The right balcony grill should be designed with safety in mind. Here are the top reasons why ElectriChef flameless, outdoor balcony grills do just that:


  • The ElectriChef Grills Use Electric Heating Elements: Unlike grills that rely on liquids, gas, wood, accelerants, or other combustible organic material to create heat, ElectriChef's balcony grills are designed to use only electricity to cook food. This means they are flameless—the most important feature for compliance with "no open flame ordinances." What’s more, they plug into a standard 115V/20A.

  • ElectiChef grills are constructed of premium 18-gauge stainless steel with cool-to-the-touch handles: All of our grills’ luxuriously dependable construction (made in the USA), assures that even while searing steaks at our highest temperature of 600º, the grill handles remain cool.

  • Adjustable temperature settings avoid excessive heating: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being able to choose desired heating temperatures—from 150° to 600°.

  • Our electric balcony grills have automatic time shutoff features: Have you ever left a gas grill on all night by accident? Not only did you create the potential for dangerous overheating, but you also may have been embarrassed the next time you planned to grill and found there was no gas left. This will never happen with the ElectriChef Emerald grill. Your grill is designed with an automated shut-off feature ensuring that it will remember to turn itself off after a specific time—even if you forget!


Summer Grilling Done Safely


At ElectriChef, we are proud of our luxuriously dependable balcony safety grills — with flameless electric heat, high-quality stainless steel construction, and automated shutdown features.


That’s why our balcony BBQ grills are being found on the patios, balconies, and outdoor kitchens of gourmets all over the USA. Wouldn't you like to join the flameless grilling party, too?


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